Welcome to the News Mag Media Reading Club!

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Welcome to the News Mag Media Reading Club! This September we will be launching the News Mag Media Reading Club as part of the 14th season (can you believe it?!!) of The Primary Planet. There will also be the News Mag Media Reading Club Junior in News Flash, our magazine for 7 – 9 year olds. The reading club will feature book reviews, a book of the month, reading challenges as well as the return of The Writing Corner. 

The aim behind the News Mag Media Reading Club (NMM Reading Club for short) is to not only encourage reading for pleasure, but to also champion the wonderful authors and illustrators of Irish children’s books. There is a whole world out there, waiting to be explored and we intend that each month our book of the month will be one by an Irish author and/or illustrator. 

As we have said so many times, reading is good for you! The benefits of reading for pleasure are huge, but we’re living in a world where writers and illustrators are contending with social media, gaming and other forms of technology that are taking children (and adults, if we’re being honest) away from reading. These technological advances are brilliant (in most cases), but there still needs to be space for reading too and we hope that our reading club will encourage that. 

Sometimes, a lack of reading is simply the result of a lack of inspiration or knowing where to start. The NMM Reading Club intends to provide readers with the inspiration to continue, or develop, a reading habit that has the potential to be a lifelong joy. 

And the reason for a ‘reading’ club as opposed to a ‘book’ club? As you know, here at News Mag Media we champion reading of any kind and, of course, we love magazines! All reading is valuable, and we wanted our reading club to reflect that.

There will be a summer reading challenge in the June issue of The Primary Planet, before the NMM Reading Club launches in the September issue. You’ll also be able to follow the reading club on our social media platforms.

A great way to start the new school year! 


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