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Our Magazines

Diverse and Engaging Content: Our magazines cover a wide spectrum of subjects, including SESE (science, history, geography and the environment), current events, wellbeing, sport and more. This diverse content ensures that every young reader finds something that captivates their interests and fuels their curiosity.

Educational Value: Aligned with the DES Primary Curriculum, each issue is packed with curriculum-linked material, making reading and learning enjoyable and meaningful.

Contributor Opportunities: We empower young minds to actively participate in the magazine’s creation. Students can contribute through book reviews, short stories, poems, and school news, fostering creativity and self-expression as well as a sense of teamwork and ownership.

Budding Young Journalists: Our magazines provide a platform for aspiring young journalists to shine. We are also very proud to add that some of our current writers are past readers of The Primary Planet!

Promoting STEM through quality writing: Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) as well as social, environmental, and scientific education (SESE) topics are prominent features throughout the magazines. This exposure helps students develop a strong foundation in these essential areas.

Safe and Trusted Content: We prioritise providing a safe and credible window to the world. Our content is carefully curated to offer accurate and age-appropriate information, fostering a sense of trust and reliability.

Annual Subscription Model: Our subscription model is designed to align with the school year, ensuring a consistent flow of enriching content throughout the academic year.

At News Mag Media, our magazines are not just reading materials; they are tools for holistic development, fostering a love for learning, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of the world around us. 

Our Commitment to the Curriculum

Our commitment to the Primary Curriculum is central to our approach at News Mag Media. We appreciate the critical role education plays in the development of young minds, and we are committed to enhancing their learning and reading experiences through seamless integration with educational standards. Here’s how our curriculum alignment works:

Strategic Integration: Our content is strategically designed to align with the DES Primary Curriculum. We identify key learning areas and objectives within the curriculum and develop magazine content that directly supports and reinforces these concepts.

Subject Relevance: Each issue of our magazines is carefully curated to cover the subjects of the Primary Curriculum, including languages, science, history, geography, SPHE, and more. By facilitating these subjects, we ensure that our content complements multiple areas of the curriculum.

Cross-Curricular Connections: We create multiple cross-curricular connections, where content is interwoven across different subjects. This approach helps students understand how various subjects are interconnected in the real world, fostering a holistic understanding of concepts, while presenting ‘real’ content for the children to enjoy.

Engaging and Informative: While aligning with curriculum standards, we ensure that our content remains engaging and informative. Our goal is to make reading and learning enjoyable and meaningful, sparking curiosity and critical thinking  in young readers.

Support for Educators: Our curriculum-aligned content serves as a valuable resource for teachers. It helps them reinforce classroom lessons and provides supplementary material that enriches the learning experience.

Assessment and Learning Outcomes: Our content  includes activities, quizzes and challenges that encourage active participation and assessment. This helps students gauge their understanding of concepts and achieve learning outcomes effectively.

Staying Current: We continuously update our content to stay current with evolving educational standards. Our team stays informed about curriculum changes to ensure that our magazines remain relevant and beneficial for teachers and pupils alike.

Our commitment to the curriculum ensures that students receive content that not only captures their interest but also supports their academic growth. By seamlessly integrating learning objectives with captivating content, we empower educators to provide a comprehensive and enriching learning experience for their students.