The Book Club: Sociable Reading

Engage, Inform, Inspire

Are you a member of a book club? If not, have you ever thought about joining one? 

Book clubs are for both children and adults. As with everything, book clubs have both their positives and their negatives. They can be great spaces that are encouraging, inspiring and make reading fun. The allow readers to connect with other readers, as well as open members up to reading material that they may have never considered before.

However, the traditional book club isn’t for everyone. Not everyone wants to read a book they didn’t choose (too many feel that they did enough of that in school!), especially if it isn’t a book that is to their taste. Nor do they want the pressure of having to read the chosen book to a deadline. But for those who love books, reading and discussions about books, but aren’t so keen on the idea of joining a traditional book club, there are alternatives.

One idea is a silent book club, where readers turn up in a communal place such as a library or a restaurant and everyone reads their own book but in the company of others doing the same thing. 

Another option is a book club where there isn’t a set book, but people come together to share books they’ve read and talk about them. This then might give others an idea for future reads, or equally make them decide a book they were considering reading might not be for them. 

There are also online book clubs where books are suggested, and a discussion might be had online or on the TV or radio. These book clubs (unless they have an online meet up format) mean that the ‘members’ never have to actively participate in the club or interact with the other members. However, they still get to hear the ‘book talk’ as well as ideas for their next read. 

As books are a form of communication, it’s only natural that readers will want to communicate about books and as many people enjoy discussing books they’ve read there will always be space for book clubs, whatever form they take. If you’re someone who enjoys reading and enjoys sharing your reads with others, then, who knows, maybe a book club might be for you.


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