Summer Reading

Engage, Inform, Inspire

Wahoo! The summer holidays are almost here! Not that the weather feels very summery, at least not here in the west of Ireland, but maybe we can hope for warmer days in the next few weeks.

Whatever the weather and wherever you are, summer is always a great time for reading (actually, here at News Mag Media we think that any time is a great time for reading). And with no school, there’s more freedom to read what you want to read. Some of you might want to get involved in the summer reading challenge at your local library, after all they’re a brilliant way to kick start your summer of reading and at the library you’ve got a huge variety of books just waiting to be read – for free! 

Or why not try our own reading challenge as seen in our magazine, The Primary Planet? There’s a challenge for each week of the holidays and the best thing is, simply by reading the magazine you already have one challenge completed! And the other challenges give lots of scope for trying out different reading material too.

Although maybe you don’t want a challenge and just want to read what you want when you want and that’s totally fine too. We all find different ways to enjoy reading, and one way is just as valid as another.  

Whatever you decide to do, summer reading can open up a whole new world. You may discover a new author, genre, or series. You might finally get to read that book you always wanted to read, but between school and a busy life out of school you could never quite find the time. Or you may just want to spend your time rereading old favourites. 

However you choose to read this summer, enjoy it, after all what is reading if it’s not fun? 


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