In Celebration of Magazines

Engage, Inform, Inspire

As you can see from our website, here at News Mag Media, our business is magazines. From our flagship magazine – The Primary Planet – to the latest member of our magazine family – The Fact Factory – we really do believe that magazines are a key ingredient in a child’s reading experience and in fact in everyone’s reading experience. 

The great thing about magazines is that often the reading content is so accessible and manageable. Magazines also tend to be very up-to-date, with articles and features about the world as it currently stands, providing a screen-free alternative to scrolling for news on our phones or devices. Also, with their combination of shorter articles and a layout that is often very image based, there’s something less daunting about reading a magazine. Articles can be read in a few minutes or – with very short articles – even in a matter of seconds. 

Magazines can often appeal to a wider audience as they will usually contain a variety of articles with a breadth of appeal that singular books don’t always have. Our own magazines are testament to this with news articles, sports news, features, puzzles, and quizzes on a variety of subjects and topics. The Fact Factory, the latest addition to our magazine family, is a little different to our other magazines – The Primary Planet, as well as News Flash and Eipic! – in that it is a STEM-based magazine and doesn’t have current news stories, however, it does have a variety of feature articles on different STEM topics, broken down into short facts in order to make the magazine more accessible for children who find reading that bit more challenging. 

However, despite all the positives about magazines, they don’t seem to be celebrated in the way that books are. World Book Day, book fairs, book clubs and readathons are usually all geared towards reading and honouring books, but where are the events that celebrate magazines? Magazines are equally valuable sources of reading material and bring so much joy to so many people. Magazines are also a piece of modern history; they reflect our changing times and keep up to date with the modern world. They are valuable sources of information as well as entertainment. They can provoke topics for discussion, and they can develop confident readers in the same way that books can. Magazines are also a great source of reading for pleasure, giving the reader a wide range of benefits as well as enjoyment. 

So, as you can see, there’s much to be celebrated about magazines and they are important reading material for all age groups, as well as being a vital piece in the reading for pleasure mission. 

After all, no matter what your age or interests, somewhere out there is a magazine for you. 


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